Our repairs are guaranteed for 24 months 40 000 km, across North America

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Oil change

Oil change and oil filter replacement are 2 of many preventative maintenance services that optimize your vehicle's performance. In addition, they extend its lifespan. The oil lubricates the articulated parts of your engine, while reducing the friction between them. Because the engine generates a large amount of heat, the oil serves as a coolant as it circulates inside.

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We use a brake installation process that is unlike anything else in the industry. Indeed, we clean with a sandblast all the parts of your grinding system and take care to lubricate them with care. This meticulous work guarantees the longevity of the original brakes. In addition, we work with a superior quality of brakes, of the Napa Premium range, which gives you a guarantee of 24 months or 40,000 km. We also replace the brake parts of electric or hybrid cars.

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Charging system

For optimal operation of your vehicle, the reliability of the charging system and the battery is essential. Our Napa Premium certified alternators are guaranteed for 24 months or 40,000 km. Ask our experts to learn more about the warranties applicable to batteries.

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We have state-of-the-art V3D technology equipment. This ensures the complete geometry of your vehicle, therefore optimal steering and perfect grip. In addition, our technicians are continuously trained to ensure the rigor of the alignments.

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Steering & suspension

Steering and suspension are essential to the safety and stability of your vehicle. An improper suspension causes loss of control which reduces the tires' grip on the ground, during avoidance or emergency braking. In the event of a repair, our advisors will always recommend top quality parts to give you the best performance. In addition, you can take advantage of lifetime warranties on certain parts.

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Climate control

Your vehicle's air conditioning system must remain efficient. To prevent air conditioning failure or damage from slow leaks from this system, be sure to maintain it on a regular basis. During repairs, our technicians use R1234yf gas, which is less polluting than its predecessors. Consult our experts for the best advice when you have a problem with your air conditioning system. You will always have the right time.

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Electronic disgnostics

Our team targets the required repairs with precision thanks to our electronic diagnostic system. Indeed, this equipment makes it possible to accurately target all the necessary repairs, whether on a traditional vehicle, a hybrid or electric vehicle. Our scanner settings are updated annually, in order to have the most current data of all vehicles on the market.

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Engine & transmission

Our mechanical experts perform all types of engine and transmission repairs on your vehicle. We can also replace, new or used, an engine. In addition, our technicians are experts in identifying noise and making repairs.

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Exhaust system

Our mechanical experts replace exhaust and anti-pollution systems according to manufacturer requirements. Guaranteed for life, your new systems will give you peace of mind. In addition, you will enjoy a quiet, safe and environmentally compliant driving.

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